West Klickitat County, Washington

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West Klickitat County was one of the most technically difficult maps that I have ever drawn. First of all, the chamber of commerce wanted every rabbit and bunny trail in the county included on the map. Then, after finishing the front of the map, I had to draw the towns of White Salmon and Bingen on the back. I was pretty "mapped out" when I finished this one. Trout Lake, in the NW corner of the map, has become one of the world's most notable hotspots for UFO activiity. You can actually see orbs and UFO's on an daily basis there. If you visit Bingen and White Salmon, you'll see that this is where the green of Western Washington ends and the desert of Eastern Washington begins. The last Douglas fir tree stands proudly on the eastern outskirts of Bingen. One more thing...have fun trying to sleep at the motel in Bingen. The train tracks are just across the road from the motel. The midnight trains sound like they're chugging right through the motel room.

Size: 11x17
Created in: 1999