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This was a special project for me because Sequim (pronounced Skwim) is actually my hometown. How this job came about is quite an amazing coincidence. The Sequim city council wanted to find a local person to draw their map, and they located an individual who lived in a nearby town. The town council had originally found my web site and wanted to hire me for the job, but since they were looking for someone who lived in the Sequim area, they opted not to call me. But they did make some screen shots of my maps to show to the illustrator they had hired. They wanted the illustrator to mimic my style. But the project proved to be too difficult a task for her. When she pulled out of the project, the town council felt they had no choice but to call me to get the job done, thinking that I lived somewhere across the country, a great distance away.

They were certainly stunned when I told them that I lived only two hours away, and that I was born and raised in Sequim. If they would have known that I was a Sequim boy in the first place, they surely would have called me first. It was a real treat to draw a cartoon map of my hometown. I would have never imagined that, of the many thousands of small towns across America, I would get a call from my hometown. What are the odds of that?

Size: 8.5 x 11
Created in: 2012