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Raymond, Washington has the unique distinction of being the first town where the legendary grunge band, Nirvana, played their first gig. The band members lived in Hoquiam, just north of Raymond. As I write this I'm watching a YouTube video of an early gig that Nirvana played at the Eagles in Hoquiam before they became famous. Little did they know at the time that they had created a new form of American music, the Grunge Sound. Raymond was one of my early 11 X 17 maps. I didn't get to know this town very well because someone else sold it for me. I remember that it took a long time to draw because of all of the residential neighborhoods in the area. One thing that I notice immediately when I look at my early maps, like Raymond, is how simply I drew the ads back then. I hadn't yet caught on to the more complex lettering and colors that I routinely use in my current maps. Coloring the maps in Photoshop makes a big difference too. My early maps were colored with watercolors, so they appear to be more pale.

Size: 11x17
Created in: 1997