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The Olympic Peninsula Map was a special map for me because I have always wanted to return to my home territory and turn it into a cartoon map. I was born and raised in Sequim, on the north Olympic Peninsula. If there's any area that I've ever mapped that I would recommend that you visit, this would be the place. The Olympic National Park is so special that it was chosen by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. UNESCO has selected a few special places on earth, like the Great Barrier Reef, The Taj Mahal, and the Serengeti Plain to set aside as specially designated for their beauty and uniquenss. If you visit the Olympic Peninsula in summer when the weather is sunny you'll see why this place is so special. On the back of the map I take you for an armchair tour of the Highway 101 Olympic Loop and I point out all of the must-see attractions, including my personal favorites. The 180-degree view of the Olympic Mountains from Hurricane Ridge is a sight to behold for the most seasoned traveller.

Size: 11x17
Created in: 1997