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It's always a pleasure to take a small, rural community and thrust it into the spotlight. That's what I did with Oakdale, California.

Those who see the final results of a map on my web site would have no way of knowing everything that I went through to get to the final product. This map involved several sets of laborious changes before we finally arrived at the final result. The original request was for an area map that took in four lakes that were quite a distance from Oakdale. The idea was to make Oakdale the center of a regional map, in order to show the recreational potential of the area. But it was finally agreed that trying to cover such a large area and still get the required detail of the town would be an insurmountable task. So I removed all four lakes and focused on the town, which included a detailed inset of the downtown core, including all of the buildings. It was made even more difficult to have to assign a number to each building.

What really ran up the time clock on this project was the number of personal additions required for the map. The Oakdale map contains almost everything and every person of notable interest in town, including the mayor. That's her on one of the streets, out walking her five dogs. Before I was done I felt like I had come close to drawing a "Waldo" cartoon map. But I was happy to learn that the people of Oakdale were thrilled with their new Oakdale Cartoon Map.

Size: 11 x 17
Created in: 2013