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Some time after the Granite Falls Map had been released I got a phone call from a couple who lived in Maine. They said that they had just seen the Granite Falls Map online and were so intrigued by the map that they were planning on selling their house in Maine and moving to Granite Falls, Washington. A few months later I got another call from them. They had actually moved to Granite Falls after seeing my map! Cartoon maps don't usually have that kind of an impact on people. I was amazed to think that someone would be so intrigued by one of my maps that they would want to live there. Granite Falls is the jumping off point to the Mountain Loop Highway, one of the most scenic drives in the Cascade Mountains. It's one of the Cascade foothills bedroom communities that serves the greater Seattle area. Many would rather live in these scenic towns (I've mapped most of them) and commute to Seattle than live in the city.

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Created in: 1999