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Columbus, Georgia is noted for its whitewater rapids that run right through the center of the Uptown Columbus area. I was contacted by the Uptown Merchants Association to create a cartoon map that would feature the whitewater recreation in Uptown Columbus. As you can imagine, this was a very challenging map to draw. When you're drawing a map of a downtown area, it's hard to know where to "draw the line" you draw every building, or just select buildings that are most notable? How will those merchants that weren't included feel about being left off the map? Before it was over I had drawn every building and bush in Uptown Columbus...a daunting task, to be sure.

Not to mention the challenge of depicting the river and the intricacies of its shoreline, and the textures on the rocks. Many hours were spent just rendering the rocks in and along the river's edge, as well as the patterns on the riverwalk.

Size: 11x17
Created in: 2015