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Cathlamet is a memorable map for me. It was the first map where I broke away from the birds-eye view, building caricature format. Contrast this map with my Westport and Hoodsport maps. This format is more easity read and less confusing than the more popular format that other cartoon map companies still use. This format reads like a Rand McNally map but it's entertaining to look at. One of Washington's oldest towns, Cathlamet is a picturesque river town on the Washington side of the Columbia River. The old canneries on the river give the town a uniquely historic flavor, attracting movie location scouts. The films, Snow Falling on Cedars, Men of Honor, and Come See the Paradise were shot in Cathlamet. For a scenic side trip, reminiscent of somewhere in the "old country", cross the Bridge onto Puget Island. Perfectly flat, it's an ideal place for an all-day bike trip.

Size: 11x17
Created in: 1996