Seattle University, Washington

September 22, 2012

I enjoyed working with the people at Seattle University. This was a very time-intensive map because of the density of the houses in the residential area and the buildings in the downtown area. One thing that was unique about this cartoon map was that my little bulb-nosed characters in the shiny little cars were silhouetted. I darkened them because the president of the university didn't want the map to look too zany. He suggested that I de-emphasize the bulb-nosed drivers. But, as you can see, my little cars are still polished up to a brilliant shine.

If you scroll through my map pages you'll find a number of school maps that I've illustrated over the years. If you would like me to draw a cartoon map of your university, high school, or any school, I'll be glad to answer all of your questions. Contact me. I'm here to help.