Governors Harbour, Bahamas

July 22, 2014

My favorite cartoon map projects are, without a doubt, tropical island maps. I have always been attracted to tropical islands, and I love to draw them.  Eleuthera is an island in the Bahamas, situated 50 miles east of Nassau. It is an unspoiled off-the-beaten-track island. This makes it a special hideaway for those who want to escape the throngs of tourists that flock to Nassau and Grand Bahama. Situated in the central portion of  the long narrow serpentine island is the district of Governor's Harbour, a quaint village on the west side of the island. I was contacted by the owner of a luxury guest house in Governor's Harbour to create a map of the area to serve as a guide for tourists that visit the area.

If you would like to see take a 60-second tour of Governor's Harbour, click here


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