Columbus, Georgia

November 11, 2015

Columbus, Georgia is known throughout the South as the city with the whitewater rapids running right through the middle of town. The Columbus Uptown Merchants Association contacted me to create a cartoon map to promote the whitewater rapids as a tourist attraction. We started the project with the idea of including a select number of key merchants in Uptown Columbus to feature on the map. Before we were finished, I ended up including every building, bush and fireplug in Uptown Columbus. It turned into an extremely time-consuming project before it was over, but it illustrates what a cartoon version of a dense downtown area can look like. This map should serve the merchants of Uptown Columbus for many years to come.

Things that might go unnoticed on the map: I spent a long time drawing and rendering the rocks in and along the edge of the river, as well as the pattern in the river walk where it crosses the river. There is also a lot of hand-lettering on this map. My cartoon maps always include my hand-lettering. I'm very grateful that I taught myself to letter when I was in eighth grade. It has served me well on almost a daily basis throughout my life.


If you would like a cartoon map of your downtown or uptown area, please contact me. I will be happy to answer your questions. 253-841-7944