City University, New York

October 09, 2012

City University of New York City contacted me to create a cartoon map of a fictitious town for them that they would post online as a visual aid for their case workers. They asked me to create 12 "hotspot" safety situations on the map to be used as a teaching aid by their caseworkers. Each hotspot contains a link that explains the potentially dangerous situation. The dark area on the map above, for example, illustrates a potentially dangerous situation at night. 

They asked me to keep the illustration and color as simple as possible, so the colors on the illustration are flat and simple, a contrast from my usual maps that contain a lot of shading and rendering. One reason that I like my career as a cartoon cartographer is that every project is different from the one before...I've never created a map anything like this before. Every map that I create is custom and personalized.

If you would like a cartoon map of your town, fictitious or otherwise, I would be glad to discuss the project with you. Please contact me and I'll be glad to answer all of your questions.