Carmit, Negev Desert,  Israel

December 01, 2010

The Carmit map project presented a unique challenge: Create a cartoon map of a new community that has yet to be built, in Israel's Negev Desert. The new desert community is called Carmit. I was even invited to name the streets...biblical names, of course. I created the map in an 11" x 17" format, but it was printed as a large 24" x 36" poster. The map debuted at a gala fundraising event in New York City in December of 2010. All the guests received a Carmit cartoon map poster to give them a vision of the new community.

Perhaps your desert community is in Arizona or Utah. If your chamber of commerce has been looking for a unique way to spotlight your town, a cartoon map of your community is so much more memorable than a regular road map. And I always create my cartoon maps to be accurate and readable, just like a standard road map. I avoid the distortion that is so common with most cartoon maps. If you would like more information on creating a cartoon map of your town, please contact me. I'll be glad to answer your questions.