Baltimore - Veolia Energy Map

June 06, 2013

Veolia Energy is a large multi-national energy company, 50,000 strong, with energy plants in 35 countries. I have been working with them for about three years. I first produced a map for their Philadelphia energy system, showing the routes that their steam pipes followed through Philadelphia's streets, supplying steam energy to their hospitals.

Next, they called me to create a map of Boston, showing their steam energy routes as well, steam pipes which led to world renowned hospitals like Brigham and Womens Hospital and Boston Medical Center.

Now, just completed is a map of Baltimore for Veolia. The most recognizable feature on this map is probably Oriole Park and Camden Yards.

Though I'm known for my cartoon maps, I enjoy working on the occasional conventional map as well. You'll never find my shiny little cartoon cars on a Veolia map. They like their maps to be all-business, free of any of my zany touches.  

If you would like a serious, or cartoon map of your town, city, golf course, or jungle outpost, I would be glad to discuss it with you. Feel free to contact me. My office: 253-841-7944.