June 12, 2007

Here is yet another USA map...this time for Western Recreational Vehicles, makers of Alpenlite and Alpine Coach RVs. Later in the summer I'll be trekking down to Junction City, Oregon, to autograph the cartoon map posters for all those RVers nationwide who participated in the Alpine RV Run.

Also just posted is our new cartoon map for Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada, for their Senior Games this summer. Click on "Maps" and scroll down to check it out. It's such fun creating maps for people far and wide.

Speaking of far and wide, In a few days I will begin work on a new cartoon map for The Grand Cayman Islands. For some time I've wanted to map an exotic island, so I'm eager to get started on the project.

I will soon begin work on a new map that will show people the cartoon route (the most fun route) from Austin, Texas, to a retreat center in Dripping Springs, Texas. I do many specialty maps like this, including wedding maps. There are lots of other cartoon map projects brewing, too numerous to mention. I'll keep you posted on progress.

To learn more about our cartoon maps, read "Welcome to Fun Maps USA" below.

That's it for now. Check back soon for more Mapland fun from the outer edge of my ever-expanding Cartooniverse.