Business Opportunity

We are always looking for enthusiastic, self motivated people who are tired of the punch-in, punch-out rat race. If that sounds like you, and you have experience in selling, we have an opportunity for you to consider. Every town, city, or county around you is a potential map project. There are thousands of dollars waiting to be “mined” all around you. I should know…I’ve done it here in the Northwest for many years. We have produced literally dozens of cartoon maps of towns, cities, counties, coastlines, and islands in the Pacific Northwest. But now we’re looking toward expansion. And that’s where YOU might come in.

There are a lot of advantages to working with us. First of all, you can live almost anywhere and work with us on a cartoon map project. If you like running your own schedule, selling ads on our maps allows you the freedom to pick and choose the hours that suit you best. We know of one sales rep that sells in the morning, and plays golf in the afternoon. Does that sound like a great way to make a living?

A typical cartoon map requires one to four weeks to sell. During that time you can earn between $8,000 and $15,000. Some people sell a map or two a year, others sell full-time. It’s your schedule, and your decision. Some people even hit the road in their RV and earn money while they travel.

Fun map ads sell easily in the biggest cities and smallest towns. Every map project that I’ve started, I’ve finished. The evidence is on the maps page. You won’t see a single public service filler ad on the page. That’s because our map ad spaces have always sold out. They’re as close to “bomb proof” as any product that I’ve seen. On almost every map that I’ve sold, merchants will invariably say: “What a fun job you have!” I agree. It IS fun, and I could go on for hours telling you all the people I’ve met and exciting experiences I’ve had in Mapland.

One ranch family in the Oregon high desert asked me to stay overnight with them. I had dinner with them that night, and I was out in the barn with Jim until after midnight that night helping him feed the calves and listening to stories about ranch life. The next morning I took the day off and went on a cattle drive with them. What a memory that was! That’s just one of many Mapland memories that I cherish. Every map has produced similar memories for me. You’ll see some of them on my Adventures in Mapland page.

If this looks like a business that could work for you, feel free to contact me.