The Sea to Shining Sea Tour

April 27, 2011

Getting tired of the daily grind? Then do what my cousin and I did. Take a batch of tourists, stuff them in a van, and take them on a whirlwind, madcap, marathon trip around the United States. It's called the Sea to Shining Sea Tour. We drove from Seattle to New York in 13 exhausting days. That's where I got off. In those 13 days I learned all I need to know about the tour business. Here are a few highlight shots:

What luck! We arrived in St. Charles, Missouri on the very day that the townsfolk were celebrating the Lewis and Clark Expedition. That's the Missouri River in the background of the second picture. Watching the soldiers, fife and drum corps, especially the children passing by in costume made me choke with emotion and pride at being an American.

Niagara Falls was more spectacular than I had imagined it to be. From the viewing area you're just a few feet from the top of the falls.

My cousin, Wake, and I both highly recommend seeing New York in the red buses. That's me in the leather jacket. But take my advice, don't drink anything for at least three weeks before you get on the bus, or you'll pay for it bigtime. I did. That excursion through the streets of New York produced my now-famous bursting bladder story. When we finally got off the bus I broke the land speed record for getting from a bus to a bathroom. You can still see the burn marks on the pavement.

This is the restaurant that inspired the famous "Soup Nazi" episode on Seinfeld.

One of the highlights of the trip and one of the most emotional moments...Lady Liberty at sunset. The dinner cruise in New York Harbor was unforgettable.