The Marion County Adventure

April 27, 2011

I stopped to see Detroit Dam (see Marion County Map) and found this gentleman doing something on the platform in the river. He explained to me that the big bell shaped device captures fish that have just come over the dam. He examines them for injuries. They want to be sure that the fish are not harmed by the dam.

Detroit Dam created Detroit Lake, one of Oregon’s top recreational meccas. But if you visit Detroit Lake in the off season, as I did, this is the sight that greets you when you stroll down to the lakeside. When the lake is down, the docks rest uncomfortably on the dry lake bottom. Not exactly the most picturesque sight. I don’t think the chamber of commerce would approve of this photo.

Fleeing persecution, an estimated 6000 to 7000 Russian Orthodox immigrants settled in the Willamette Valley in the 1960’s. Here they have prospered. I found this Russian Orthodox church in the valley, near Woodburn.

The sprawling Willamette Valley makes an ideal Sunday afternoon drive. Even today you can see why the early settlers saw this as a place to make their new home. Much of the valley looks like this: rich, fertile, and scenic farmland, punctuated by groves of trees.

Twilight in the Willamette Valley…what a wonderful time and place to be. Just after sundown a soft blanket of wispy fog settles in on the valley.