The Clark County Adventure

April 27, 2011

Giant Sequoia Tree

How would you like to watch a Giant Sequoia tree grow to record heights in your own yard? That’s what happened to Scott and Cathy Hughes of 605 North Main, in Ridgefield. This giant tree is now listed as the largest non-native tree is Washington State.

Cedar Grist Mill

This old fashioned cedar grist mill was originally built by early settlers to grind flour. To get to the mill you will cross a newly restored covered bridge on Cedar Creek. It fell into disrepair and was sold to the state in about 1950, then abandoned. In 1989 the restoration was complete and the mill was once again operational. In 1994 a new covered bridge replaced the open span bridge which had in turn replaced the original covered bridge.

Ridgefield National Wildlife Reserve

This picture typifies the watery lowland terrain of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Reserve, near Ridgefield. Though it’s a wonderful place to visit any time of the year, winter is an especially good time to tour this 5000-acre bed and breakfast stop for migratory birds, including: Canada geese, Mallards, American widgeons, Sandhill cranes, Bald eagles, Great Blue heron, Tundra swan, Wilson’s snipe and American beaver. Lewis and Clark set up camp here twice.

Beaver Dam

My friend Thadd told me about a beaver dam that was visible from the I-5 Freeway in the Nisqually Delta, south of Tacoma, Washington. So I pulled over for a look on my way down to Clark County, and sure enough, there is was. It’s the dense area in the middle of the picture. Thanks for the tip, Thadd.

Indian Plankhouse

While I was in the Ridgefield area an authentic reproduction of a Cathlapotle plank house was under construction just north of Ridgefield (see Clark County Map). I wish I could be there to photograph it after it’s completed. Lewis and Clark met the Cathlapotle People in 1806. Just up the hill to the east of the plank house is the little house where Uhaul was started.

Original Home of U-Haul

This unassuming structure just north of Ridgefield has an amazing distinction. Have you ever rented a Uhaul trailer? Have you ever wondered where Uhaul started? Well, I’ll tell you anyway. It started in this building. You’ll find it on the little hill just above the Indian Plank House on the Ridgefield National Wildlife Reserve, just north of Ridgefield.