About Fun Maps USA

We have been creating custom cartoon maps for over 30 years

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Fun Maps USA was created out of necessity in the spring of 1980. My children’s’ television show, Captain SeaTac, had just been cancelled and I had to scramble to reinvent myself.  I knew that I could draw, write, and sell… and I loved to travel. So I decided to become a cartoon cartographer. That was about 60 maps ago.

I started by creating a cartoon map of my own neighborhood, South Hill, Puyallup, here in Washington State. Then I began to expand into ever distant areas. I have traveled as far as the California border on the Oregon Coast, creating two cartoon maps of the Oregon Coast.

As a result of the publicity generated through the Internet, I am now creating cartoon maps for cities, towns and counties all across America. If you would like a cartoon map of your area, please contact me and maybe YOUR town can be next!